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SW2500 1%


Description: A lightweight, vinyl-coated fiberglass fabric with an opaque, non-directional, basketweave pattern.
Content: 37% Fiberglass, 63% Vinyl on Fiberglass
Width: 63”, 98” and 126”
Roll Length: 30 linear yards
Flammability: Meets NFPA 701 Method 1 and 2
Cleaning: Clean with mild soap and water. Avoid strong cleaners, disinfectants, ammonia and phenols. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning.
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SW2500 1%

P12 Oyster, P13 Oyster Beige, P14 Oyster Pearl Grey, P84 Brite White, V20 Pearl Grey, V21 Charcoal, V22 Charcoal Grey, V24 Charcoal Chestnut, V32 Charcoal Alpaca