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To complement coverlets and to hide the frame of every size bed, County provides several styles of bed skirts from the traditional shirred style to the more contemporary and tailored looks such as inverted, box and corner pleated.


  • Decking: Manufactured using 70/30 polyester/cotton blend or 100% polyester (Fillion)
  • Lining: Optional lining is a 70/30 poly/cotton blend or 100% polyester
    • Face fabric on lined bed skirts will have a 1" turn to the back side of the skirt.
    • Unlined bed skirts will have a double turned 1" lock-stitched hem.
  • Platform Strip: All of County’s bed skirts are manufactured with a 4" platform strip so the decking does not show if the mattress slips.
    • The 4" wide strip on all three sides is made from the same fabric as the skirt.
  • Size: Width and length of box spring + the drop which is normally 13" – 14". Drops should be calculated 1/2" above the floor.

Standard Styles of Bed Skirts

Shirred – Gathered on all three sides of the drop with 200% fullness (unless otherwise specified).

Tailored – 2", 4" or 6" inverted pleats (measured from center of pleat). Twin and Double beds have four pleats and one at the center of side drops and one each at the corner of the foot drop. Queen and King beds have five pleats with an additional pleat at the center of the foot drop.

Box Pleated – Continuous box pleats on all three sides of the drop. Pleat widths are 6", 8" or 10".

Corner Pleat – 4" or 6" inverted pleats (measured from center of pleat) at front corners.

Bed Skirt Options

Options available to help prevent or minimize slippage:

Fitted Cap: A 4" wide strip of decking extending over the top of the bed and enclosing the top corners to minimize movement (slippage) of the skirt.

Elasticized Corners: A fitted sheet with elasticized corners holds the bed skirt in place

Hugger: A fitted sheet with eleasticized banding around the entire perimeter to reduce movement of the bed skirt

Grippers: Non-slip triangular corner pads are sewn into the underside of the platform to prevent movement of the bed skirt.