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The traditional bed covering gets special treatment at County Draperies. The variety of styles and quilting patterns as well as the quality of our construction techniques will provide your guests with the beauty they expect and the comfort they deserve.


Filling: Bonded polyester is the standard for commercial bed coverings.
– County’s yardage requirements are based on the use of standard 8 oz. fill.
– Other fill weights, such as 6 oz., 10 oz., and 12 oz. are available.
Seams: Fabrics that are 126” wide ( based on a 21” drop ) are seamless.
– We pre-seam and pattern match all 54” wide fabric prior to quilting.
– All bedspreads are pattern and quilt matched.
Lining: Standard – Pre-shrunk 70/30 polyester/cotton blend, compatible with all face fabrics.
– Upgrade – A high count 56/44 cotton/polyester pre-shrunk lining.
– Additional upcharge options: 100% polyester and colored linings.
Hems: Single-needle hems are lock-stitched through quilting to prevent the spread from unraveling and create a 1” self-welt look.
Finish: All corners are mitered for strength.
Options: Welt cord is available from ¼” to 1” to create a border around the width of the bed’s top edge or around the bottom perimeter.
Pillow Tuck: The allowance added to cover the pillow
– Economy – 15”
– Standard – 18”
– Double Stack – 30”
– Reverse Sham – 36”

Standard Bedspread and Coverlet Styles:

Quilted Throw with Rounded Corners

Fitted with Closed Corners

Fitted with Gussets (quilted or unquilted)

Fitted with Waterfall Front

Fitted with Double Kick Pleats

Quilting Patterns

If a desired quilt pattern is not found among County’s extensive standard selections, consult the factory. County’s computerized quilting patterns are produced on machines 135" wide. Every quilt pattern on the market is also available through County.