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Using the same quality construction techniques as we provide to full length bedspreads, including all quilting patterns and styles, our coverlets provide a shorter bedding treatment which are most often used in conjunction with bed skirts.


Coverlets construction techniques and specifications are the same as those noted for quilted bedspreads except that the shorter drop on the sides and foot typically measures 13". Because the remainder of the bed structure is exposed, showing the box spring, frame and any open area, they are normally used with a bed skirt.
The styles of coverlets are also the same as those mentioned in the Bedspread section:

  • Throw with Rounded Corners
  • Fitted with Closed Corners
  • Fitted with Gussets (quilted or unquilted)
  • Fitted with Waterfall Front
  • Fitted with Double Kick Pleats

Coverlet Throw

Fitted with Waterfall Front