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For that most comforting and luxurious bedding treatment, County provides both the duvet covers and inserts. The covers are available with several closure options and three edge designs. The inserts are made of continuous filament polyester fiberfill or natural down. For housekeeping ease, a machine washable self-contained duvet is also available.



  • Closures: These covers are available with standard zipper or Velcro closures.
  • Options include:
    • Tie or flap top
    • Luxurious envelope
  • Edges: Can be specified knife, flange or welt.
    Duvet Edges
  • Yardage:
    • 54" fabric requires 12 yards and is joined.
    • 126" wide fabric (or fabrics over 110") require 6 yards and are seamless on both the face and the underside.
    • When specifying flange or welted edges, add one yard of fabric (for either 54" or 126" wide material).

Duvet Inserts

  • County’s duvet inserts are made with continuous filament fiberfill of hypoallergenic, siliconized, 100% virgin polyester.
  • The insert lining is made of preshrunk 70/30 poly/cotton, leak proof, washable fabric
  • Fiber is pre-blended and garneted
  • Also available is our Natural Down
  • Custom fill weights are also available.
  • A machine washable self-contained duvet style is also available.
    Consult the factory for more information.