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These classic decorative treatments that accessorize the tops and sides of draperies are available in a variety of styles and can be additionally customized with details such as fringes and rosettes. These treatments are perfect for traditional guestrooms and public areas such as lobbies, corridors and ballrooms.


  • Swags & Jabots are lined unless specified otherwise
  • Swags & Jabots are mounted on a custom sized fabric wrapped board.
  • Swags & Jabots are attached to board with commercial grade Velcro is an option
  • Swag measurements are based on an average width of 48”
  • Approximately two yards of fabric will be needed per swag
  • Swags may be straight cut or biased cut depending upon specifications.
  • Straight cut will utilize the least amount of fabric.
  • Biased cut allows a softer curve.